The Long Way Back To Expertscolumn

It was a lively place to be then, at Expertscolumn, the melting pot of writers from diverse other websites -- until what I call "The Great Crash" had us all scampering in different directions!
The Long Way Back To Expertscolumn
Source - My own, courtesy of EC logo.

I must admit, then as now, that I wrote/write spontaneously, and for that I should receive credit with the honest transparency of my mind. Like free association, in Psychology, without external constrainst or restrictions.

In short, I tell it like it is, hopefully in my structured mind that every so often is prone to going off course. Be that as it may, the chaos that may ensue, I hope, doesn't in any way deviate from the correct grammatical rules and sytactic structures that Expertscolumn requires. Or demands.

At any rate, my purpose in coming back to Expertscolumn is three-fold: First, to regain "paradise lost" in

terms of friendship, meaning to touch base again, like I said, with writer friends I lost 3 to 4 years ago; second, to release creative juices in what otherwise Facebook or Twitter is unable to induce, and; third, to start earning again for our efforts at writing and making fun. 

And lest we forget, Expertscolumn, after all these years, is what is left standing after the other writing sites, like Triond, Bukisa, Wikinut, Bubblew, etc virtually fell into decay.  

Modesty aside, I was once, for a brief shining moment, entrusted by our Administrator Niks to be a community manager of his site except that by that time things were brewing as though a storm were about to unleash the unthinkable, no thanks to the mutiny of other writers on the site. Well, of course, that was

quite beside the "Great Crash" that happened next. The rest is history.

I bear no ill will anymore to what other fellow writers plotted to bring Expertscolumn down to its knees because all they did out of sinister motives boomeranged on them. 

And so I am going to start from a clean slate and promote the site again with the end view to attract more writers to the Expertscolumn website using  all available social networking sites at my command.

Most of all, I have been longing to see people here whom i used to know and who I came to befriend in confidence whose "through thick and thin," so to speak, was unceremoniously cut off after the unfortunate Expertscolumn Crash.

For quite some time since the Expertscolumn Crash happened, I got mercilessly waylaid by trivial wordly affairs and transfixed by false news and faces in recent months on Facebook, and thereby indolence, which was not totally unexpected. 

I'm next dipping my tongue in honey and my pen in venom in my next installment. 

Good Night! 

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  • somedirection  28-07-2017
    And also, I was trying to find reviews about Bubblenews and I'm thankful you mentioned in this article that it's now down.
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  • somedirection  28-07-2017
    I find your articles amusing. I am happy i stumbled upon your writings, and you're back here. I didn't know about the Great Crash but I'm also back this time under a new account. Happy writing, kabayan. :)
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  • d0z4  13-05-2017
    I am happy to have started with Expertscolumns because are only new here, but hope it works out. Thinks for the article.
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    • Buzz  13-05-2017
      Thank you for the comment, d0z4! Pleased to meet you here. Good luck!
  • misterdd  11-05-2017
    Welcome! I returned also, it was slow return since I started to build my whole community basicly from zero. Same as you I miss all those friends, I miss whole community, I miss my articles. Honestly this time I am not here because of money. I am here to return Expertscolumn back to where he was at one point for sure, on top. All articles (that I can) for marketing I will also write on EC in order to bring traffic and clean visitors to this website and will connect all articles to my marketing sites. It is nice to read more people who miss old times, but more important is that this time as smarter people do better job, and help to website as website did to us back then when we were rookies. Have a nice day, and dont be strangers all who still (maybe) remember me, but also those who dont.
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    • Buzz  11-05-2017
      Thank you and I'm happy to see you again, misterdd! :D I will also try to get as much traffic to the site in my small way. I hope we can both help rebuild the community once again. Cheers!
      • misterdd  12-05-2017
        I am in for that task bro :) Wish you great weekend and keep up with great work.
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