Common Knowledge In The Age Of Google

"There are obviously a lot of things, Maria, " said Captain Von Trapp, "the least of which is repetitious." Words to that effect from the "The Sound Of Music."
Common Knowledge In The Age Of Google
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If you ask me, I have this rightful dislike for researching into a topic to write about. Plainly, it is an exercise in futility and the amount of effort spent into it is duplicative and repetitious.

You cite sources for the bits of information to flesh out your article, and they are already available on the World-Wide Web using Google or Bing.

We all have to just use the search engines to inquire about a topic or questions in our minds and all the answers are there dancing before our eyes, so to speak. Even a tune or a song, for instance,

that you have dreamed about humming, just Google the keyword, and youtube is at your service. 

I am not saying that the advance of knowledge has hit a plateau, or stuck up stagnant. Of course, it is still incumbent upon us the researcher to look and see if there are innovations or newer technologies or a breakthroughs in Science, etc.

So this thing about writing an article about a topic Google can dish out handily or readily with just one or two clicks and pass the article as brand new is tantamount to recycling scrap plastic materials into shiny new ones. Along that line, not good for the environment, if I may say so.

There are always raw materials for literary

engagements all the time. Our own mind. self-discovery, creative juices waiting to flow - in short, UNIQUENESS! 

Well, we can observe the world around us and tell the world how we feel, or narrate a story about our childhood, or if we care to, write like a columnist which we all are capable of being and doing. 

I am not a dogmatic lot. I’m just giving my opinion, as I write this article spontaneously, as random thoughts. And besides, you get to earn money by writing your own unique thoughts instead of sprucing up the materials that are already on the internet. Just to spare you from useless effort.

Again, in my own honest opinion, I find it quite obsolete for writers to do research, and for websites to require them to cite sources, on articles are already in the public domain, the whole caboodle, so to speak. 

A caveat, of course: I take my hat off to professional specialists who write for Expertscolumn, gratis or otherwise, for sharing their personal discoveries of the day to those who will benefit immensely from them. 


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  • misterdd  18-05-2017
    I love such way. For example, as you said when you research, those or similar articles are already online, but something what comes from your head basicly lasts forever, right? I doing same with at least 50 % of my articles its just higher chance that you will receive visits for longer period of time (if you have unique artile).
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    • Buzz  18-05-2017
      Thank you, my friend, for the comment. Looks like I did a very bad formatting here. I will try to edit it. :)
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