Tale Of The Tapes Between Expertscolumn, Triond And Wikinut Per Compete,com As Of July 2012

I have confined myself, on this column, to 3 publishing sites I write for as to their ranking according to Compete.com with respect to unique visitors as of July 2012. 

The 3 publishing websites are Triond, where writers remained stuck or hooked but most have transferred to Expertscolumn;  Wikinut where there are many newbies discovering their potentials as writers (tutored by 4 seasoned moderators) and where there are loyal, veteran writers who have chosen to remain there regardless of pay;  and Expertscolumn.

I owe it to a friend writer (awesomely great one I admire) to discover compete.com which has analysed the same

data, albeit this time short of other publishing sites, like Bukisa, for example.  Now the Tale Of The Tapes are as follows:


Per data gathered as of July 2012,  Triond has the new all-time low figure of 92,117 unique page views since its highest of 279,416 of the same month last year.  A continuous decline without any sign of recovery during the period.  I don't know why.  Those friend writers who still write there should ask themselves why and how.


With the same data gathered,  Wikinut has suffered the most low, a figure of 48,931 as of July 2012,  down from its highest of 83,708 exactly a year ago.   The reason, by now,  is quite

obvious.  Apart from being the disgracefully and lowest-paying site of the 3, the administrators there have seemed nonexistent, if not  robotic, though the plus factor is its great interface where every new writer will be ecstatic about uploading images and embedding videos to complement their texts to their heart's content.


Per compete.com,  Expertscolumn suffered quite a setback,  a lower figure of 115,641, a bit down from 140,704 in June 2012.  Be that as it may,  EC still has managed to register the highest score card of the 3 aforementioned publishing sites as of July 2012.  Congratulations, Expertscolumn!

I hope that the update on compete.com come August  2012 will display significant improvements for not just one site but for the rest as well.

August 18, 2012


View graphs as follows according to compete.com:





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