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The Spectre Of Being Ripped Off On (Or By) Bubblews.com
Published By Buzz on 2013-03-14 316 Views

I am elated to know of writers I have intimately known harvesting their Redemption 1, 2, 3 and so forth in the course of their participation in this new site, Bubblews.

They are the lucky few who have earned quite the "Lion's share" of earnings but to the exclusion of others relatively new ones, most of them being DENIED of their due remuneration they had worked so hard for in the course of their NEW-FOUND writing site.

DENIED in the sense that once they have reached the minimum $25 and they redeem it, they either receive an E-CHEQUE in their PayPal account which, after 2 to 5 business days for clearance purposes, will BOUNCE; or they will receive NO RESPONSE at all from Bubblews' customer support despited repeated emails.

For my part, I redeemed my first $25 on March 8. Two days later, on March 10, PayPal emailed me a notice that Bubblews sent me an e-cheque to my account pending till March 13 to become cash. I waited for the designated date and to my disappointment Paypal emailed again to say the e-cheque was cancelled FOR LACK OF FUNDS from the bank and advised me to contact ARVIND DIXIT via support@bubblews.com.

That I did and there was a reply from their customer support assuring me that the following day, March 14, I would receive INSTANT PAYMENT. No such thing materialized and despite my repeated follow-ups, I have since heard from them no reply, no explanation, no nothing - one of my pet peeves!

Prone to jumping to conclusions when such UNPROFESSIONAL business etiquette from Bubblews happens, considering I had my share of financial contributions to promote my articles to uplift the site for it to profit, I am constrained to label Bubblews.com a SCAM site, using a PONZI or PYRAMID scheme that defraud new writers to pay their "old" writers. Of course, if that is the case, Bubblews will ultimately collapse, not to mention be subject to grave legal restitution

Writers similarly situated should come forward and make yourselves heard in the interest of justice!

In the meantime, I would advice again dear fellow writers to wait and see before joining it.

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